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 Accessibility Needs / Lackings 

Preamble: Today's Siesta Sands on the Beach consists of four, two-story buildings spun off in the late 70's from a private business built in 1958 named Siesta Sands Efficiency Appartments.  In 1958, there were 20 Efficiency Apartments in total (four Appartments per building), each having an exact same floor plan consisting of a combination kitchen/living room, sunroom, bedroom, bath, and small closet ... all squeezed into 480 square feet. 

Construction is cement block, including cement block interior walls, bluestone poured concrete support beams and foundation, and cement slab flooring, and no changes in structure since built over sixty years ago except for replacement of eight cement stairways to second floor in 2018.  

The fundamental difference between then (Efficiency Appartments) and now (Condominiums) is how the property is managed.  Then by a single proprietership, versus now by each of 16 individual Owners managing their deeded condominium.  NOTE: Condominium ownership seldom changes as last two changes were 7 and 13 years ago.  Likewise, similar stability exists in Board of Directors. 

  • Parking:
    • No "Handicap Parking" available. 
    • Assigned parking spot directly in front of assigned condo (standard size with space for second small car parked behind).
    • No Full-size ADA-complient accessable parking spaces provided.
  • Rest Rooms or Public Area:
    • No public Rest Room(s) provided.
    • No public area provided anywhere on property. 
  • Public Routes:
    • No ADA accessible routes throughout property. 
  • Office & Laundry Entrances:
    • Office has a single step-up to office level from outside parking/walk area.
    • Does not have ADA accessible door hardware.
    • Laundry room entry slider door at Sundeck level.   
  • 1st Floor Condo Entrances (seven):
    • Single step-up to Condo Court Yard Deck from parking lot/walk area. 
    • Single step-up to Condo interior level from Court-Yard-Decking.
    • Single step-up to Condo interior level from Sundeck area.
    • Entry doors does not have ADA accessible door hardware. 
  • 2nd Floor Condo Entrances (eight):
    • No elevators to second floor Condos. 
    • Full straight concrete stairway (13 steps) to small second floor balcony landing area from parking lot.
    • Two steps up to second small landing area. 
    • Single step-up into Condo interior from such second landing area. 
    • Full straight concrete stairway (17 steps) to small second floor landing area from Sundeck.
    • Entry door into Condo interior from such landing area on Sundeck side.
    • Neither entry doors have ADA accessible door hardware.
    • Straight stairways replaced in 2018 (with single-pour solid cement),including upgraded hand railings to County Code. 
  • Condo Interiors: 
    • Bedroom ... each has a King bed.
    • Bathroom ... all have step-in stall shower, except Condo's 62, 64, 72 and 73 have tub/shower.
    • Bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible (too small) and no ADA accessible tubs or roll-in showers. Bath doors are less than 32" wide, as is closet door.
    • Availability of "grab bars" by toilet and in tub/shower varies by Condo. 
    • Condos do not have ADA signage or Braille Condo numbers. 
    • Most Condos do not provide full ADA compliant maneuvering clearance, clear floor space, and turning space for wheelchair.  
  • Sundeck Features:
    • Assigned Sundeck table, umbrella, 4 chairs and 1 lounge chair directly in front of assigned Condo.
    • 2 outside rinse off showers provided for Guests on Sundeck and at Sundeck level. 
    • 3 charcoal grills provided for Guests in allyways between buildings and at Sundeck level. 
    • Dumpster and Recycle Bins provided at parking lot level. 
    • Guests responsible for trash disposal, and lowering umbrella and restoring furniture each evening.  
  • Beach Access:
    • Two stairways over concrete seawall (from Sundeck to beach sand below) provide access to beach.
    • 5 steps from Sundeck to top of wall, and 9 steps to sand below. Sand Rinse-off hose provided on beach-side.
    • Left and Right hand railings provide on stairways.
    • County Beach Access path from Beach Road boardering south end of property (through sand dunes).
  • Services & Amenities:
    • No pets allowed, but Service Animals welcome (consistent with ADA). 
    • No maid service, valet, or room service provided.
    • No restaurant or food vending machines provided.
    • No pool or exercise room provided. 
  • Rules, Restrictions & Limits: 
    • Each individual owner determines occupancy rules for their bookings.
    • Guests are limited to quantity of visitors (due to closeness on Sundeck and noise).
    • Radios / Players not permitted on Sundeck (head phones only). 
    • In the event of a Condo sale, Purchaser to be approved by Membership (via Association Controlling Documents) to maintain Condo owner compatibilty due to closeness of community.

Summary: Siesta Sands on the Beach is not considered a "place of public accommodation" or "place of lodging" as those terms are defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"). The property may be accessible to some individuals depending on their disability and accommodation needs, but Siesta Sands is not fully accessible as required of a hotel, motel or inn under ADA.  The above listing is an attempt to describe some key features, or lack thereof, at Siesta Sands on the Beach in sufficient detail to permit individuals with disabilities to determine whether such property would satisfy their personal needs. 

Additionally, with each individual Condo owner (of 15), each deciding and controlling their Condo's internal features, furnishings, window treatments, appliances, floor coverings, lighting, cabinetry, space usage, amenities, etc., it would be unreasonable, and not within the purvue of the Association, to request each owner to comply with ADA accessibility needs.  Each individual owner is the sole manager of their Condo's rental activity, and responsible for its profit or loss. 

Siesta Sands on the Beach encourages dialogue and welcomes any questions or concerns a potential Guest may have.  Please contact us at 941-349-1929 or E-mail us at  

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